The NZPPI plant trolley system is versatile, quick & easy to use, and saves costs & labour

Brought to you by New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated, the plant trolley system is specially designed to support you in transporting your plants. Our trolleys consist of a base, with four posts, and three height-adjustable plywood shelves. With the option of adding additional shelves, the trolleys work for any size of product you need to transport. With long or short-term leases available, the plant trolley system works for your business needs.

Plant Trolley Benefits


A minimal investment in a plant trolley hire can save your business significant costs. Their ease of use benefits your business, your staff, and your plants.

Plant Trolley Benefits

How it works

A one-in-one-out swap system, the plant trolleys are constantly on the move. Simply hire the amount your business needs and be a part of this cross-country transport network.

Plant Trolley Benefits

Hire Plant Trolleys

Plant trolleys can be hired for a period from just one month all the way up to five years. With significant savings for NZPPI members, see how it can save your business time and money.


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