Trolley FAQs

General Enquires

For all general enquires please contact Andrew Grant - Plant Trolleys Manager

Phone: +64 21 576 336 or Email:

Trollies Hire

Q: How long can I hire for?

A: Short-Term Hire - With options from one month up to one year, the hire periods are flexible enough to fit the demands of your busy season or workload.

A: Long-Term Hire, the most cost-effective option. A long-term lease means the trolleys are in your possession for a minimum of five years. At the end of the five-year period, you can either return your trolleys, or your lease will auto-renew, with no additional lease fees! Annual fees still apply

(Annual maintenance and administration fees will continue to be charged every April for as long as the trolleys are in your possession)

Q: Do I have to sign a contract

A: Yes, you do. There are different contracts for the different hires. Short or Long-Term

Q: How do I get my Trolleys after joining the program?

A: You can either pick them up from our depot in Auckland or alternately, we can arrange to deliver directly to you with a freight charge

Q: Can I extend my Short-Term hire if I need too?

A: Yes, just contact the Plant Trolley Manager and they will arrange to extend the hire

Q: What happens when I finish my Short-Term Hire

A: The Trolley Manager will make contact to arrange collection or alternately you can deliver back to our depot in Auckland. A freight fee will be charged for collection.

Trolley Pricing

Q: Does pricing remain the same each year

A: Trolley Pricing is reviewed each year and set to market pricing to cover costs and admin. Every trolley user will be informed prior to any increase

Q: When do we get invoiced our annual fees?

A: Annual fees are invoiced on the 1st of April every year

Q: What are the fees and what are the for?

A: There are two annual fees. One for Administration & tracking fee which is to cover the costs of running the Trolley program. The other is a Maintenance fee which covers any repairs and maintenance for the entire trolley fleet

Q: Do the annual fees stay the same each year

A: While we try our best to keep fees the same, fees may increase each year to cover any increased costs. The Trolley program is not designed for profit but as a service to our NZPPI Member and users. Any profit is invested back into the program to keeping it running smoothly for the users

Trolley Maintenance/Repairs

Q: What if I have a broken trolley or trollies?

A: If you have any broken trolleys to report, please request a Maintenance Swap by emailing

Q: What about replacing broken shelves or poles

A: Just like the above question, please request a Maintenance Swap by emailing

Q: What if I lose a Trolley?

A: Replacement Trollies can be bought at a cost to replace any lost trollies. Please contact the Trolley Manager for pricing and details. Annual fees will still be charged on any lost trollies while the contract is active. Once your contract expires you can opt out of the trolley program but you will need to pay the cost of the replacement trollies.


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