The NZPPI Trolley System - How it Works


A minimal investment in a plant trolley hire can save your business significant costs. Their ease of use benefits your business, your staff, and your plants.

  1. Each plant producer, transporter or retailer hires the number of trolleys needed to run their business. They are responsible for ensuring no trolleys or components are lost.
  2. The receiver of loaded trolleys must always have an equal number of trolleys ready to swap
  3. The receiver of trolleys checks that all trolleys are received complete, clean and workable. Any damaged trolleys can simply be reported for maintenance and will be swapped with a replacement.

NZ Plant Producers remain the owner of the plant trolleys, keeping them maintained and in good working order. This leaves you free to use the system worry-free. If you have any broken trolleys to report, please request a Maintenance Swap by emailing

Please note, as this is a hire system, you remain responsible for keeping the correct amount of trolley bases and components in your possession at all times. Any lost items will be charged.


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