Benefits of the NZPPI Plant Trolleys Initiatives


A minimal investment in a plant trolley hire can save your business significant costs. Their ease of use benefits your business, your staff, and your plants.

Versatile, quick & easy to use

  • Purpose-built for transporting plants!
  • Easy to move - roll on, roll off, move around.
  • Efficient loading & unloading
  • Flexible shelf heights adjustable to 5cm intervals.
  • Unload direct from trolley to displays
  • Easy to count and check off

Space saving

  • Dispatching plants on multi shelf trolleys reduces the space required for dispatch area.
  • Optimum use of truck space - emptied trolleys stack down to 15% of size.
  • Reduction in use of other packing materials.

Cost savings for minimal investment

  • Reduced handling = lower labour hours & costs.
  • Protects valuable stock = less damaged stock.
  • All from only 35 cents per day!

Care for your plants & your staff

  • Less bending required = fewer injuries.
  • Safe method of transporting plants = reduction in breakages.

Labour saving - free your staff to do the important things!

  • Reduced handling and packing/unpacking time.
  • Quick to load & unload - users report up to 80% time savings.

Low risk

  • Fully maintained trolley & components.
  • Swap system means you always have trolleys available.
  • Full right of exchange with any other Plant Trolley.


NZPPI Plant Trolleys


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